we finally have some huge nintendo switch news from nintendo! no more nintendo switch leaks or nintendo switch rumors! on todays episode we talk about the Nintendo switch sales and how huge they are but at a cost to the chips used in the nintendo switch. which could cause nintendo switch shortages.

a new nintendo switch game has also appeared by the name of game builder garage. a game where you can make your own nintendo game! we also have some other wierd news that centers around xbox expecting the legend of zelda breath of the wild 2, Metroid prime 4 and other new nintendo switch games to release in 2020. and as we know, they are coming out sometime between 2021 – 2024.

we talk about all this and more here on the robo tron show were we cover the latest nintendo switch leaks, nintendo news and other video game topics from sony, microsoft and nintendo. for more gaming news subscribe to robo rob gaming today!

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