Oh, the Nintendo 64. It’s the console I probably have the fondest memories of since it was the first home console I’ve ever played. I remember getting up at 8am, having breakfast and then gaming until supper time, or until my parents literally forced me to stop playing. Those were the good ol’ days where I didn’t have a care in the world. Now, I have to worry about adult stuff like mortgage payments and going to work. It makes me wish I could go back in time to when all I had to worry about was how much time I’d be able to spend gaming each day.

If you’re like me and reminiscing about the Nintendo 64, then maybe you’re considering actually buying the console. I still own my N64, but if you want one, go get one! You definitely won’t regret it. For starters, it’s not very expensive to get a grey N64. If you want a special edition N64, like the blue and yellow Pikachu edition, then you’re going to need to shell out a bit more money, but you’ve got a collector’s item at that point. The games are the biggest selling point of the console since almost every single one of them is great.

There’s more reasons than just those to get a Nintendo 64 so enjoy the video, let me know whether or not you’re thinking of buying an N64 in 2021 in the comments section below and don’t forget to subscribe to TheGamer for more gaming tech content.

00:00 Intro
00:30 Games Library
01:20 Cartridges
02:03 Nostalgia Factor
02:45 Unique Controller
03:26 Four Controller Ports
04:11 No Games On Nintendo Switch Online
05:00 Better Than Emulation
05:44 Collector’s Item
06:27 Inexpensive
00:07:12 Perfection
07:52 Outro

Written by: Justin Pietrodarchi
Narrated by: Antony Watkins
Edited by: Rahul G.

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