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  1. It wouldn't be so bad if the server's weren't garbage. The other consoles have been charging for a while, but Nintendo was never good enough to be worth paying extra.
    The voice chat thing is an extra slap in the face, because it's literally going 'yeah we won't put it in the games but you could use our trash version instead of just using discord which is way better and just as convenient'.

    I just wonder if consoles wouldn't be in their dying state if it was still cheaper than using a PC.

  2. "We still pay for it because we don't have another choice" now listen, it's actually possible to play your cartridge games online with a switch running homebrew and an app which allows peer-to-peer on user created servers. Yes the statement which is still true is that you wont get the same experience and often don't find people on there except for major game/update releases. It's not illegal or anything since it's basically local play over WiFi.

  3. I am electing to choose to look on the bright side…. at least it’s not that expensive unlike some other companies…. this still sucks though.

  4. Like seriously. Some people out there CANNOT afford 20 a year. It sounds stupid how they can afford a switch and not online but people can have problems

  5. People should stop paying money for PS Plus, Xbox Live and this shit, the less people will pay for it, the cheaper they'll have to make it

  6. I never understood why you have to pay an additional 20 dollars for online, especially when it comes to games like Mario kart, where you already have to drop 60 dollars. 80 dollars to play one year of a video game? Yeah no thanks.

  7. Nintendo's online services are soooooo bad compared to ps or even Xbox (as someone who has used all three extensively) it's absurd they charge for it

  8. U should try pvp in dark souls rematered online on switch. Since switch online gives u shit internet u go against a bunch of laggy sorcerers using dark bead or someone with the worst wifi chain backstabbing.

  9. The funny thing is they'll not change anything or charge for that change and nintendrones will keep supporting them to their death just like what happened with pokemon.

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