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  1. people are idiots, now wii fit is giving people ptsd, i guess as a society, things are so good people need to make up problems that don't exist…

  2. If you go to some Goodwill Stores they have like 15 or 20 Wii Fit Games and Boards where i live there is that many at my Goodwill Stores it's rediculous over cause the Game says what you weight People are stupid

  3. I used to have and use the Wii Fit Board and not for a tiny millisecond did I feel body shamed. It sounds to me like these “critics” have underlying mental health issues, not caused by Wii Fit, but are projecting onto the game instead of seeking the real root cause of their problems.

  4. Being fat sucks (I’m one to talk). If they want to experience the effects of being obese, stop being insecure of how other people look and invest in a bulldozer.

  5. wii fit was like every other piece of exercise equipment that ends up sitting in the corner after a week just collecting dust. as for the body assessment, it used the BMI scale which obviously has it's just weight and height. also, their parents didn't need wii fit to tell them if their child was fat or not

  6. And coming up later "I told my friend's my DS was broken because Dr. Kawashima's Brain training said my brain age was sixty, I got PTSD!"

  7. Wii Fit for SJWs:
    IF(BMI < 40){

  8. I actually used mine for years and thought it was great, although the scale feature never worked right for me either (sometimes it would be off by ten pounds or more from what it said the day before).

  9. Sounds like alot of people crying while chugging a monster energy drink and eating cheetos, lol these people won't be happy till they are laying on their death bed and saying it's not their fault XD

  10. The amount of effort these people put into trying to justify unhealthy body sizes would be admirable, if they were actually putting in some kind of physical effort and not just slamming keyboards whilst incoherently screeching that a hunk of plastic has given them PTSD on par with a shellshocked war veteran.

  11. Well everything became clear once you mention polygon. That site should be closed down already as it only good for outrage articles

  12. Ah yes, it's the videgame that is responsible for them being mentally unstable landwhales or living skeletons. Not themselves. Fuck personal responsibility.

  13. If an exercise game can give you body dysmorphia, you were already moving fast in that direction. It's true that BMI is a ludicrous measure, as it ignores muscle mass (among other things). It's a mystery why anyone ever took it seriously, but it's an extremely easy calculation, which anyone who's interested can do in seconds. All you do is divide your weight (in kilograms) by the square of your height (in meters). "Normal" is 18 to 25, "obese" is >30. Wii didn't tell these people anything that weight obsessed teens wouldn't have calculated on their own.

  14. And Americans wonder why most of the world look at them as a total joke. Every single day there's something idiotic that they need to share with the rest of the world. If it ain't this, then it's something else. It never ends. I feel bad for the few good Americans that still live there!

  15. as a kid i used the wiifit thing alot because i just thought i was a game that also had the exercise bit with it the games were fun though

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