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  1. 200 mill for 4-6 games? That’s a ‘low-ball’ offer. Try 500 mill and covering the costs of porting the games over to the PC platform. Then you might get Sonys interested.

  2. Nobody would buy them on PC if they were exclusive to the Epic Games Store. People tend to not support this kind of bs. It didn't work with MS, and it will not work for Epic. It is anti-competitive in nature.

  3. I play games on PC, PS5, and Switch occasionally. Xbox (to me) is useless because all of their games can be played on PC, and online without the need to pay for Gold.

  4. Don't have Pc! Only console since I was a kid and only Sony! I was one of the lucky ones and get ps5 and currently my poison is RE Village. Awesome game!

  5. Thank you.

    1. I don't even have PC so nope 😼

    2. Red and Black Controller sounds very appealing 👍🤩

    3. I didn't know that either 🤔

    4. I agree it's WAY too low price 👍

  6. Are they gonna fix the joystick drift on the new controllers?!! 🤔 I really don’t wanna buy a controller knowing it’s gonna start messing up within a month

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