Episodio 132: Virtual Pro Wrestling 64 (Nintendo 64) Virtual Pro Wrestling 64 es un videojuego de lucha libre profesional lanzado en la consola de juegos Nintendo 64 en 1997 y es el segundo juego de la franquicia Virtual Pro Wrestling. El juego es una secuela del Virtual Pro Wrestling original, lanzado exclusivamente para PlayStation en 1996. El juego solo se lanzó en Japón y es el equivalente japonés de WCW vs nWo: World Tour. .

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  1. The blood. Wasn't visible in the German version since Wrestlemania 2000. What was stupid with No Mercy, because there was the Blood Match in career mode but you only saw the animation but not the blood. Mmmm

  2. With Ken Shamrock, Bas Rutten, Rickson Gracie in roster, we can easly say it was the first mixed martial arts game ever. Damn even the greatest of them all, Muhammad Ali is there. And is the only game ever that includes polish boxer, Andrew Gołota😀 with yt channels like this, i know, that im not only dude still playing oldschool wrestling games. Great stuff Brother😀

  3. Great stuff, as always. I imported this game a few years ago and had a blast playing it. Took me so long to edit the names of all the wrestlers, but it was truly a labor of love. I want to play Virtual Pro 2 sometime. I've never got a chance to try that one.

  4. They did so many things so right in these games. The bump animations are done so masterfully and haven’t been topped since. So many other games including the latest releases just feel like a CGI animation doing the animation pertaining to what you press, bumps feel like their just sorta floating around then stopping. The speed and impact of them feel like the wrestler is really landing on something and that their body is reacting the way it would upon said impact. That’s partly why the graphics never had to be photorealistic. Brilliant animations and overall feel of the gameplay was second to none. Blocky graphics were fine cuz the animations were so good that it almost felt like you were controlling action figures that came to life. Simply tragic that the engine died with No Mercy. Mods fill a bit of the void, but oh, what could have been if this engine survived to the point of uploaded custom content.

  5. Am I the only one that rewatches all of the videos over, and over… And over aha, I think it's cuz I relate to your taste in games, criticism, and love for wrestling

  6. Yoo Nikateen, I haven't commented in a while, but that's mainly bcuz I watch your videos on my tv and not my phone. Ayy man keep going dude, I keep watching your vids over and over every night or everyother night for about a year and a half, idk, it comforts me ahaha. Even the old nintendo beat em ups, all the 30 mins twisted metal vids, if course all the wwe game videos, and the beloved arena showcases. keep going bro! And HEY, were both die hard wrestling fans, so I want you to take a peep at my two new wrestling matches! Thanks bro 🙏🏿🤙🏿🤙🏿

  7. I'd love to see you review No Mercy Mods in the Future, ECW Barely Legal for example or the 80s WWF mod wCw Feel the Bang and the Invasion mod

  8. Is this a ROM? I’ve always wanted an English translated cart of this game that isn’t region-locked but I can’t find one. Love your channel!

  9. Damn, Japan gets all the best wrestling games this one looks like it was way better than world tour…
    Side Note: DDP’s alternate finishing move was a spinning sit out powerbomb so it wasn’t that inaccurate.

  10. I am surprised the nWo Sting wasn't in Virtual Pro 64. While he wasn't huge in WCW, he actually did well in nWo Japan with Scott Norton.

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