A diferencia de Playstation Vita y PS3, la Nintendo 3DS Eshop no irá a ninguna parte pronto, pero la consola aún se está retirando oficialmente. Entonces, si no desea esperar hasta el último minuto para obtener algunas cotizaciones, tal vez este video pueda ayudarlo a elegir las que deben priorizarse. Supongamos que no eres un hacker de todos modos. ¡9 juegos de PlayStation Vita y PSP para comprar AHORA antes de que la tienda de PSN cierre para siempre! Destrucción de mi tarjeta de juego Persona Q 3DS porque Atlus USA me dijo que Atlus está respondiendo a la demanda de cartuchos Persona Q 3DS destruidos. ¡Camisetas y tazas disponibles aquí! ¡Míranos a mí y a FUgameCrue en las redes sociales! Instagram @FUgameCrue @cameronalloneword Si quieres convertirte en un patrocinador para que podamos recaudar más dinero, ¡puede que estés muerto! Skateboarding Channel Arte del canal por Ethan Riley Intro y End Slate Music por David Seibert ¡Únase al chat de discordia de FUgameCrue! # nintendo3ds #nintendoeshop #nintendo.

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  1. instructions unclear, so i cut my persona Q cartridge in half instead and closed my eshop. waiting for an email response from Doug Bowser now,

  2. I know that the roller skates thing was a joke, but they were genuinely one of my favorite features I wish they would come back

  3. Im laughing at people getting upset about the limited time for 3d mario all star, whilw here i am struggling looking for smt apocalipse and other atlus games

  4. Don’t forget the Fire Emblem Fates DLC. I mean you can get a physical copy, if you wanna spend hundreds of dollars and get stuck with another version of the game (you might not want)

  5. Honestly dude i think you should have more subs… so i subbed. Thanks for fun videos, watch some of your older ones now. I love rpg collectors.

  6. Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon have a lot to do after you beat the game and so does Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire so I reccomend one of those

  7. fans of persona should check out Shin megami tensei IV and SMT Apocalypse. physical copies are double what the eshop downloads costs

  8. Games I recommend:

    Pocket Card Jockey
    The Dillon's Rolling Series
    Codename: S.T.E.A.M.

    A few reminders:

    Flipnote Studio 3D (App)
    DSi Games.
    Tank Troopers (if you have friends)
    Steel Diver: Sub Wars (same as Tank Troopers)

  9. Dillon's Rolling Western is a fantastically unique 3DS game that is pretty cheap and doesn't take up too much space. Hard recommend the first and if you have the reaction speeds for it I recommend the second as well.

    3rd felt like they designed it for the Switch but Nintendo told them to put it on the 3DS still.

  10. Little Red Riding Hood's Zombie BBQ is just 8$ on the eShop and the physical copy keeps getting more and more expensive.

  11. Hey Cameron, what is your opinion about the rumors that Persona 5 is coming to XBox Game Pass? Do you think its the same situation again like with Yakuza, when it was said that the Switch had no audience for it but XBox has?
    Its weird that there is complete silence about anything Persona happening on Switch but some insiders seem to be confident about XBox…

  12. Personally, I wouldn't recommend getting the Bowser's Inside Story remake because it was just a bad and unnecessary remake. Also, I'm a little surprised to see Dragon Quest 7 going for those prices on ebay. I was able to get DQ7 brand new for about $20 on Amazon only about a little over a year ago.

  13. The Wii U had great deals. That's why I'll never shit on it like others do. One of the best deals it had was Prime Trilogy for $9.99. Such a steal.

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