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  1. That recent leak said that Elder Scrolls 6 is due 2025 😂🙈. Not that concerned about Microsoft/Bethesda exclusivity if that's what we're working with.

  2. A console cycle is about 7 years at best. It needs exclusives at least beginning in the first 6 months. A year is pushing it. What's Xbox doing… Making people wait. How long, who knows.

  3. What is the deal with PS Fanboys shouting Exclusive games are important.

    Not only are exclusives bad for the industry, to me they show signs of desperation for platform sales.
    But.. really what is exclusive, the Name?
    I own every major platform since the Atari VCS, So I have had my fair share of exclusives. Since none of them have ever offered anything in game play experience that isn't on several other games, then the only thing exclusive is the name.

  4. As of April 20th, Game Pass surpassed 23 million subscribers, up from 18 million at the end of January..and that's without exclusives (which are coming w. Halo, Starfield, etc). I think they'll be just fine

  5. Sony have made Microsoft look like idiots from an exclusivity perspective. The future of gaming will include the Xbox Series X but in 5 years and that's if you want a AAA title they take 5 years + to make Minimum. I think Sony will have a real battle on their hands in 5 years but it's 5 years away. That's a crazy lead. Microsoft will need to do something epic. If that happens amazing. I'll buy one until then I'll stick with my PS5.

  6. No XBOX exclusives yet but supports 120hz for Call Of Duty Warzone (one of the most popular game right now) that PS5 (unfortunately) doesn't.

  7. if you're in the philippines, you're scammed! microsoft doesn't support the region. they're forcing people here to pirate instead. don't get me wrong, it is officially being sold here, like this big local game store here even physical games. the problem is once you buy it, you're out of luck playing it online. it's the way things were since then and it just became more problematic with more online-based xbox one, then now the series-x because of the more-online dependent nature of both consoles in which microsoft is denying our region with. and now i checked it, i got more scammed 🙁 like i felt purchasing from a scalper… it used to be 35,995.00 php last april 1st, a month later it's 31,995.00 php. so unfortunate. 🙁 all my credit card payment options are rejected as "my country is not supported" 🙁

  8. My Xbox One works just fine. I can wait or pass on the Series X. If I just HAVE TO HAVE a certain game, not offered by Microsoft, I'd also buy a PS5 or Nintendo. This is an opportunity to conserve funds for systems and games worthy of our money.

  9. They’re probably just gonna use all those studios they bought to make more goofy social games cause their business model is to try to get people to sign up for Xbox live or whatever it’s called now.

  10. This perfectly shows the nature of topic what the whole concept of "console" is unnecessary at this point and kept on float only by DRM and marketing. Just make damn thing run windows apps and sell it as "prebuilt gaming pc with fancy gaming UI theme". Its using regular PC hardware anyway. I guess management peoples at Microsoft just quietly accepting this obvious facts at this point.

  11. Tbf, spider man miles morales is on ps4 and ratchet and clank isn’t exactly going to get people out of their seats. Neither console really had much to offer as far as games go. But thats just me

  12. I've gone Series X. Sony has done too many things the rub me the wrong way and there is no exclusives at the moment I must play. Xbox on the other hand has done more to pull me in like game pass and storage. I'm really enjoying the Series X even without the exclusive games.

  13. This is why I switched from being a Xbox player to PlayStation last gen, PlayStation always has more games and better exclusive game titles

  14. Yes the best selling games on Ps5 are not their 1st party games 🤔🤔 . Neither of these consoles are pumping out NEW amazing exclusives at the moment. I get it. A video is a video.

  15. If you look at this either way, Microsoft won regardless. As long as i can play older games thats all a lot of players really want. To be honest new games aren't as great regardless of a couple that i can play on my xbox still…. So yeah. I mean also consoles dont really do much anymore, its all about multiplayer and corraling a bunch of morons to spend money on worthless multiplayer junk. Older games will always be way better in the end and gamepass on pc or xbox will show me how bad they are or I can find a decent single player game of the past. Regardless microsoft built a platform that will have a lot exclusives in the future which probably wont have as many features as their predecessors or even more God awful politcal drive. And might as well just buy a pc regardless if anyone cares about anything you just said because of mods. Microsoft has gamepass and on mobile, it all works pretty damn well, so the money rolls in even for the oldest single player games.

  16. Exclusives, no doubt, moves consoles. However, there are other powerful factors that move consoles, as well. I know people who stick with the Xbox based on controller and dashboard (OS) design….I tend to agree as well. The PlayStation OS has always been a clunky mess. Game Pass and backward compatibility is also giving Xbox some serious strength, as well. Time will tell, but I'm certain that, despite a lack of exclusives, the Xbox will do just fine.

  17. I politely disagree, I have a PS4, Xbox One X, Xbox series X and a switch. Gamepass has been a game changer! I love all sorts of games, but Xbox is my preferred platform. I waited to buy a PS4 until they dropped in price, and I will probably do the same for ps5.

  18. I’m disappointed with Microsoft on how they abandoned the Kinect
    Regardless of reason they didn’t offer to buy back a technology they sold then abandoned

    When they decided not to invest in the Kinect what about the people who wasted their money on it?
    I honestly liked the Kinect

  19. What ever your names is stop wasting my time with bs videos like these do your job or let someone more qualified do your job that you are not doing well

  20. Ms doesn't care where u play as long as you're on their gamepass sub, they're making money on service not hardware and sure, get that ps5 but hey, throw 15$ a month to play hundreds of games anywhere on anything without the upfront cost.

  21. Nah I feel like with them buying Bethesda, and them working with EA, and maybe even getting a deal with Ubisoft they should be fine

  22. Disliked this video as it screams super spoiled first world argument. After console and PC gaming since 90s, I learn to hate exclusivity. MS having games available on both Xbox and PC is a breath of fresh air. Games, like Dead By Daylight, allowing people on Playstation and Xbox and PC play together is just damn great. Not everyone has $3000 to spend on a gaming PC, XBSX, and PS5, and to leave out playing a video game because of exclusivity, despite very similar hardware, is so unnecessary.

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