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  2. This is great, but what I'm really looking for is one of these bad boys for the dreamcast. I still emulate nes on there on a crt and being able to use an 8bitdo sn30 would be, pun intended, a dream.

  3. Mine does not work with the switch pro controller and cruzing usa. It gives a rumble pack parameters error. It's an OEM n64 rumble pack. I tried it with and without batteries. Can u check if urs rumbles with that game.

  4. We are getting a lot of N64 crap lately and it makes me hopeful that companies have stopped focusing on NES and SNES stuff and we can finally get some GameCube stuff I'd love to have a wireless game to controller thats better than the wavebird.

  5. I am interested in this N64 wireless adapter. I will have to save up for that. I still have my J2 Wonder Project cartridge with box and instructions! I do have a Everdrive for the N64 and need to put the english version to it. It is a very cool game! I agree the Dreamcast needs a built in VMU and wireless. That would sell very well I think!

  6. This adapter looks awesome. But the producer could be smart enough to includes a built-in Memmory Pak / Rumble Pak mode (who can be changed via switch), and this build-in feature can be auto disabled when a real Memmory Pak, Rumble Pak or other acessory be plugged…

    Also… I think the level of power to make the Rumble Pak rumble is different from the today's controller. A better rumble protocol could offer a stronger rumble on the controller to be in the same "rumble level" of the real Rumble Pak.

  7. Cool Bluetooth adapter. I have been looking for any firmware updates for the adapter. Website looks to be under construction. I have synced a 8BITDO Arcade Stick. The issue is with the left/right joystick switch. Not all button functions are present depending on the position of the switch. I hope a future update will correct this. Mario 64 feels very different using SANWA hardware.

  8. I will tell u the reason why the pokemon transfer pak doesn't work on modern controllers (and adapters). They don't want the Nintendo…… no the pokemon ninjas to shut them down. Because the pokemon company puts more effort in "protecting" their IP's than actually making a well polished game nowadays.

  9. Idk man..n64 trident controllers are a huge part of the n64 experience to me…dont get me wrong though, this is a cool device

  10. It's simple to explain: Nintendo 64 enables Rumble only if a Rumble pak is conected. So, if you plug an Rumble Pak on this thing, it enables the Rumble on the controller. But why they didn't enable Rumble even without the Rumble Pak? Because if they do this, you coudn't save your games.

  11. Yeah, that is sweet. Agreed on the DC one: needs a VMU port! Better than that, then can steal this idea: Make the DC controller dongle with VMU support like a slightly tilted wedge so the VMU can stand up, tilt back slightly like a cell phone stand. That way, the VMU can be seen easily and it has support from behind so it can get damaged. Useful & classy = take my money!

  12. Hey, great little review. Separate question as I’m new to your channel: what does your video hookup for the n64 consist of? Looking good!

  13. 1. a rumble pak with the batteryless mod is all i have, and it would be rattling this adapter around the floor
    2. c-buttons bound to right stick = games like tony hawk's pro skater will be painful
    3. analog stick readings from the control stick test rom would be interesting to see
    4. in the n64 library, games that save to the controller pak are over twice as common as ones that save to the cartridge

  14. I have the 3do, tg16 and neogeo aes/cd version of this and the 3do version will not register on boot with the 3do usbhost installed but once you get into a game it works great. The neogeo cd stock works great I haven’t tested it with the Sdloader yet. The tg16 and pceduo with ssds3 or stock has continuous turbo active upon power on basically making it useless.

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