Es hora de descender al laberinto de árboles del mundo. El primero de muchos, muchos juegos en la Nintendo DS donde exploras una mazmorra en la pantalla y llenas un mapa en la otra publicada por Atlus. Así que demos nuestro primer paso esperanzador hacia una revisión de Etrian Odyssey. 💚 Apoyar el canal 💙 ► Patreon: 📙 📗 Enlaces 📘 📙 📙 Verificar lista de reproducción: 📘 Clasificaciones de Ys: 📗 Clasificaciones de SaGa: 📗 Parte superior de Twitter: (° д °) También en la descripción FOE. 📘 AboveUp en Twitch: 📗 AboveUp en Instagram: 📘 Grupo de usuarios de Steam de AboveUp: #etrianodyssey #nintendods #retrogaming.

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  1. I'm a Japanese high school student.
    I'm a one of fans of this game.
    I feel so delightful 'cause a lot of abroad people play it and it's still being played today.

    I desire that ATLAS releases new version(remaked 『Ⅲ』and others)!

    I really LOVE systems (『skills tree』,『difficulty of battles』),designs of characters,graphics of maizes and great music .(Mr kosiro!!)

    My English skills and vocabulary are so poor,
    So,there may be any mistakes…
    Please tell it .

    I LOVE Ⅳ The Best!!
    I Love『疾風』too!!

  2. The whole thing of "naming your party members after your friends" is exactly what I did with Etrian Odyssey 5, and I honestly had a lot more fun with it than I thought I would!

  3. I just don't want to do the mapping myself. I wouldn't mind of I had a blank map to start and as I explore the area it fills itself in similar to Metroid, but there's just too much for me. Maybe I'm just simple minded and want to get into combat more than mapping, but it's still the biggest issue to me.

  4. Great review. Can you review Super robot taisen og saga endless frontier? It's another great jrpg on nintendo ds.

  5. I liked the exploration aspects of the EO Series. The party building is great. FOE fights always left me on the edge of my seat. But the grinding always kept me from finishing the game.

  6. its so nice to find a new review of this game in this year.

    to be honest, i didn't like the original etrian odyssey when it came out. i have been a fan of wizardry for a long time, and the first etrian felt too unbalanced for me, specially with the magic skills. i loved the music and art style, but i spent most of my time with the ds playing strange journey instead (i love that game).

    the release of etrian odyssey made the "wizardry renaissance" posible in japan, and i will always be grateful for that, but i still prefer to play any of the wizardry clones instead of etrian. when untold came out in 3ds i liked it more (classic mode, of course), because the skills got a lot more balanced there. there is a lot more freedom in party composition in untold because of that.

  7. I was watching this on my Dual monitor Pc setup. And kept glancing all my lower screen all the time to see the map, and every time I had to cut myself as there is no second screen on video xD

  8. As I'm watching this video the game just sounds more and more appealing to me. At the end I'm all but salivating as I'm waiting for the pirated rom to download!

  9. Re treasure maps not being a challenge, GOOD treasure maps don't just tell you the location automatically, they depict a landmark that you need to manually figure out in order to find the treasure. Fez comes to mind, the maps make no sense before you've already seen the area they depict, and even then you'll miss it if you don't pay attention. I can see this style work PERFECTLY with Etrian Odyssey's mapping, rewarding you for making accurate maps so you can recognize the area a treasure map refers to by comparing with your own.

  10. Etriant Odyssey IV are the best choice to start this series
    finish it and play V later

    you can play III, it's my fav
    but don't ever bother play I & II
    you can skip first two series, and play the Untold (Sequel of I & III)

  11. Always a treat to find people talking about EO! This series is definitely one of my favorites, the ost especially so. Say what you will about Untold 1 (and I agree with a lot of the issues with it), but it gave us the Roadside Trees Outside the Window and Sandy Barrens remixes, so I can’t be too mad at it.

  12. Bad time to watch this video… I'm currently selling off my DS collection to fund my new hobby and well…Etrian Odyssey 1-3(plus that sweet EO artbook) is on the list… almost makes me want to reconsider…

  13. my first EO game was 4 but it didn't click for me until I played Persona Q, and then I was hyped for Etrian Odyssey 2 Untold and the others released after.
    Playing EO2U story mode it took me until the end boss to realize how to use the Sovereign effectively. I couldn't beat the boss and had to look it up. I tried Link Order 2 and was shocked at the damage output. She was just healing the whole way through. Boy did I feel stupid

  14. This video helped me remember this series. And I just realized how much the anime Danmachi seemed to have copied from it. From the main gimmick of a main big dungeon and a village surrounding it, the general character design, to even the themeing of greek (inspired) myths

  15. I wasn't expecting to see an Etrian Odyssey review in my feed, yet alone one released this year! I've been a fan of the series for ages, and I still listen to the music a lot of the time whilst working. Makes me feel old lol.

  16. Thank you for this video! Etrian Odyssey is one of my favorite series, though I've mostly played the later, 3DS entries. I know a lot of people trash talk the original EO, but it's good to hear that it has its own charms, even if not all the usability kinks had been worked out. Here's hoping you'll make it all the way to EOV (which is my favorite).

  17. it really is all fun and games until you hit end game and post game. Always feels great to make a party you think is op enough, and in fact is good enough to beat then game. Then you start to run into the dragons and are promptly team swept turn 1 all because you didnt make a protector or levels the anti-element defense skills to protect against breath attacks. xD

    That said, dungeon crawlers like this have always been my favorite since i first played EO1. Even moving onto the vita, and into the switch i still prefer to play these anytime its available (Mary Skelter FTW).

  18. I love the series as a whole. Owned 4, 5, Untold, Untold 2, and Nexus. Really fun times.

    Doing a second playthrough of Nexus because I beat it on Heroic, but then I accidentally saved over it in NG+.

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