La próxima ola de juegos FPS Boost para Xbox Series X | S está aquí, y en Prey and Dishonored Definitive Edition podemos experimentar mejor los títulos clásicos helados del brillante Arkane Studio. Las velocidades de fotogramas se mejoraron enormemente como se esperaba, pero resulta que FPS Boost ofrece * más * que simplemente duplicar el rendimiento … Suscríbase a More Digital Foundry: Únase a DF Patreon para ser más directo para apoyar al equipo y obtener acceso a todo lo hacemos a través de descargas impecables: ¿quieres camisetas, tazas, sudaderas con capucha o suéteres de la marca DF? Eche un vistazo a nuestra tienda:

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  1. Man my GTX 1060 can crush Dishonored at 120fps without dropping a frame. I'm blown away they couldn't pull off a stable 60fps on XBSX.

  2. The last generations obsession with resolution over frame rate was unbelievable, there isn't a single gamer alive who prefers 4K 30FPS over 1080P 60 FPS. The last generation was so jarring say going from Warzone at 60fps & going to assassins creed at 30fps, it was like playing a slide show. Frame rate is infinitely more important than resolution.

  3. As a PC gamer that dipped their toes into xbox next gen via series s. This is the feeling you get when you upgrade your outdated GPU and get double fps all of a sudden on your steam library games.

    For the value of the console. You're getting backwards compat with 60fps, it just means more bang for your buck without buying any further upgrades.

  4. I wonder why no one talks about the awful sound mixing on the Arkane games, where a guy 3 rooms above sounds the same as next to you, 2 rooms on the left or just behind one wall. Which yay is so great for STEALTH games.

  5. console gaming for ps and xbox had a huge downfall for technichal aspects, first: relying on amd for everything with no innovation no competition same crappy hardware same poor experience, second: games that should have been delivered with pristine graphics quality with solid 60fps many years ago were an absolute scam the experience were horrible sub 30fps, low resolution, low graphics quality HUGE COST FOR THE GAME. just remember that the best gaming console era was when sony and microsoft worked with different hardware manufacturers (nvidia, ibm) to deliver a unique product that were really good and performed really well. Now we have next gen consoles that can not perform with 2020 and 2021games… but OVERPRICED COST FOR CONSOLES AND GAMES…

  6. prey is still one of the best survival shooters, at least on the highest difficulty… perfect balance, a huge ton of skills and awesome gameplay….. games like this are very rare. its a shame they ruined the console version completly

  7. I have been playing Prey on a RTX3070 and I have recently tried it on Xbox One X. If the Series X only increases the same by 30fps I am afraid it has absolutely nothing to do with the PC version. The textures are a massive downgrade (like from organic 4k textures to heavily pixelated 480p), the lighting effects and ambient occlusion have been completely removed. On top of that, no mouse and keyboard support. We are left with an outdated Xbox One version running 30fps faster at 360p higher resolution, that's all. Needs a proper patch for Series X with a proper textures, antialiasing and lighting pack (they already have them from the master PC version), not just an fps boost. A must on a console with no new games and that intends to replace RTX2080 PCs. For fuck sake Doom Eternal still doesn't have mouse and keyboard support but Doom 64 does. Microsoft now needs to set priorities with Bethesda.

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