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  1. – No hay cambios en la resolución. La versión de Series X sigue siendo la única versión con dos modos de visualización.
    – El rendimiento ha mejorado ligeramente en Xbox One, pero sigue siendo insuficiente. En el resto de versiones se mantiene similar.
    – Las texturas comprobadas no han cambiado su calidad. Algunos textos en Xbox One siguen siendo ilegibles.
    – Se han recortado algunas sombras en la distancia (06:47). Este cambio afecta a todas las versiones. Sin embargo, también se ha mejorado la oclusión ambiental (20:39)
    – También se ha añadido un efecto de niebla (¿Contaminación?) en algunas zonas. Series S es la única versión que no ha recibido este cambio.
    – La iluminación de algunos interiores ha sido modificada. En la escena del tiroteo, podemos apreciar como las ventanas están tapadas (09:26). Este cambio no parece afectar al rendimiento.
    – Como opinión personal, después de haber testeado 49 veces Cyberpunk 2077 en 7 plataformas diferentes, creo que las versiones de ONE/ONEX ya no sufrirán cambios apreciables en cuanto a su rendimiento o calidad gráfica. En cuanto a Xbox Series S|X, tampoco veremos cambios hasta que se lance el parche Nextgen específico para esta plataforma y PS5.

    – There are no changes to the resolution. The Series X version is still the only version with two display modes.
    – Performance has improved slightly on Xbox One, but is still insufficient. In the rest of the versions it remains similar.
    – Tested textures have not changed their quality. Some texts on Xbox One are still unreadable.
    – Some shadows have been clipped in the distance (06:47). This change affects all versions. However, environmental occlusion has also been improved (20:39)
    – A fog effect (Pollution?) Has also been added in some areas. Series S is the only version that has not received this change.
    – The lighting of some interiors has been modified. At the scene of the shooting, we can see how the windows are covered (09:26). This change does not appear to affect performance.
    – As a personal opinion, after having tested Cyberpunk 2077 49 times on 7 different platforms, I believe that the ONE / ONEX versions will no longer suffer appreciable changes in terms of their performance or graphic quality. As for Xbox Series S | X, we will also not see changes until the Nextgen patch specific for this platform and PS5 is released.

  2. This fps lag will never get fixed on last gen console ,especially the og ps4 and xbox one ,the frame rate just cant get any better than that since the engine is dogshit and poorly optimized ,the only thing they can do to make this game better is to fix bugs and add new features to the AI

  3. Bro I have ps4 fat is it better than xbox one s in performance or not cuz I wanna buy one so ps4 is 2013 and one s is 2016 plz reply.

  4. Heres what im gettint out of this as someone who chooses based on both performance/graphics as well as value…. At first I was looking at the SS thinking its Esentially the same deal without the higher res output which is fine considering I dont own a 4kTV. Im currenting rocking a OneS and after some watching thiw video it looks like in the games where it matters most(more demanding games), the SX really makes up for the extra $200. Youre getting a higher res with better AA and better looking textures. On the other hand if youre ok with gaming at a steady 30fps and youre not the kind of person that looks at the further away textures such as far away mountains, hills, trees, buildings, etc. and youre completely fine with what looks to me like native 1080p then by all means the SS is how you want to spend your money.. With that said I was going to purchase a SS becuase I play games like Gears5 which runs amazing on the SS but eventually when this game is fully polished the SX will run it way better than the SS as well as another one of my favorite game FallOut4.

  5. Start playing on PS5 after the update 1.2 ans WTF? Frame drops, huge load times… dude, the game aside the bugs, was flawless performance before the patch on PS5.

  6. on xbox one x activating the blurring of the distant field of view and deactivating the motion blur spikes at 30 fps and in very rare moments there is a drop.

  7. no xbox one x ativando o embaçamento do campo de visão distante e desativando o desfoque de movimento crava a 30 fps e em rarissimos momentos tem queda

  8. I still can't believe the version we get on the One / One S…I just bought a Series S today. So I'm pretty damn excited to finally not get the butt end of the stick

  9. Ayer lo instale de cero con el update fresco, en One X ahora cada ves que apuntaba con cualquier arma se me laguea y en gunplay tambien… la verdad lo mejor es esperar a fin de año para darle otra oportunidad.

  10. Para el caso de Xbox One está muy díficil seguir improvisando por dos razones: 1) La consola salió en 2013 y desde ese momento ya venía corta en componentes y potencia, y 2) El juego está mal optimizado y se necesita de mucho trabajo para correrlo incluso en máquinas actuales

  11. Buen video estaba esperándolo, prefiero tus análisis a los de Digital Foundry
    Lamentablemente la versión de Xbox one base no tiene remedio

  12. Me parece increíble que asuma que versiones no van a cambiar ( y son las de xbox por supuesto, pero olle es casualidad como el hecho de que no halla mando de xbox en la portada del canal) 🤦🏼‍♂️

  13. Am i the only one wondering why there are no more shells ejecting from several weapons in 1.2? Its a small detail i know, but then again, its in the small details right? I mean, look at 13:00, the difference between 1.1 and 1.2.. And its not just with that pistol, its with lots of weapons i find out.. I hope its just a bug they will fix later on..

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