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  1. My nintendo ds is connecting to the wifi if i click on test the connecting but it dont stays connected only if i click on test connection anyone who can Help?

  2. Ok so when i click the access point on the nintendo ds lite, i get a massage that says "the access point's security settings are not supported by the Nintendo DS"
    How do i fix it?

  3. I’m Pokémon heart gold I want to use the global trading system but it did not work so I tried on my other Consol did not work either if any of you know what’s wrong can you help me I am was using my two 2ds if anyone knows what is wrong let me know

  4. wait so does this also work for an r4 game card for the 3ds? if so, how can i connect to the wifi so that i can play online?

  5. If you want to trade/battle pokemon gen 4 with me this is my friend code: 0693 2080 1022.
    Please post your code under this comment!

  6. You can only use something other than a WEP connection for games that are DSi enhanced correct? So older stuff like Mario Kart won't work on a non WEP connection no matter what? Or do they work fine if using a DSi or 3DS?

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