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  1. Quest 64 lol I actually played through and beat it. It was such a short game. I was so mad at how short it was. N64 was so starved for RPGS I had to go out and buy a ps1 to play any lol.

  2. I might get Hitman 3 when it goes on sale. Same for AC Valhalla, still beating AC Origins and have AC Odyssey. Picked up Immortals Fenyx Rising(IFR) on sale, soon as I finish AC Origins I want to just into IFR! I'm pretty excited for it.

    That was incorrectly referenced though, the auto-renewal wasn't included in the price increase. At least not on this announcement(I bet it would happen eventually) but the price for existing members would be grand-fathered in.(for the near future)
    On that note: Free Console networks historically have been awful, especially since your argument historically has been, "they're peer-to-peer networks" and they aren't at all. That is a specific network topology where clients are directly connected to each other to share resources, as in there isn't a server involved. Xbox Gold, PSN, Nintendo Online are not P2P Networks at all. Remember when PSN was free? it was a flaming dumpster fire, Patching was far and few between, updated/upgraded with new features were even more rare. The outages were haphazard to say the least. I'm not advocating for the $120 price increase. That's too much, I'm just expanding upon the "we're questioning why it's not free". F2P games need to be stay F2P, 100% agree. I agree this was the wrong move to promote game pass. It is greedy and bad, but free network access historically is always shit because they don't dedicate teams to support them otherwise.

    54:40 "If it were a $5 difference like Netflix, it'd be ok" Um it was a $5/month difference. It was $5/month, then they tried to make it $10/month… If you're implying $5/year difference, when did Netflix do that little of an increase? Again, not saying the increase is justified for Xbox, just saying that's an ambiguous example you're pulling out of thin air.

  3. There are way to many people on this podcast. That conversation about Click playing RE2 was completely incoherent because of everyone talking over each other. What's the point of having more than 4 people on a podcast?

  4. You guys do know that RE Village is coming out on PC don't you? The game can have a VR version on PC as well not just on Playstation.

  5. This idea that base games could stay $60 forever is ridiculous. N64 games that came out 25 years ago were $60 and sometimes more. Games today are bigger and more detailed than ever before and take longer to make. Why do people think video games are immune to inflation? Also it's dumb to think that all the money from the increase is going 100% to the publishers.

  6. Miss click never played resident evil 4 or any of the other classics 🤦🏼‍♂️ffs how can you call yourself a gamer if you've never played any of these classics…

  7. Paying to play Online, with no further benefit, is such a console concept I don't even know.

    I mean yeah, consoles are pretty competitive gaming machines for the price – You simply can't match that with a PC for 500 Bucks – But the scamming on game prices, Online-Play Membership and the ridiculous Ingame-Shop Prices make the PC outvalue the consoles in months.

  8. It’s pretty clear most of these people, who know videogames inside and out, and whose content I really appreciate, have not spent much time in a corporate workplace. Price hikes are discussed to ridiculous extent and are absolutely planned out and signed off by senior leadership.

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