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  1. TLOU2 was such a disappointment. I'm glad Days Gone pulled through that. Solid game. I'd rather have a sequel to that. Neil Druckmann is a hack.

  2. When you're from Brazil and discover the lootbox ban by a foreigner's video……….. :l
    I should really start paying more attention to the news

  3. I DEMAND DAYS GONE 2!!!! Days Gone is such a CRIMINALLY UNDERRATED game, and a hidden gem to say the least. It's one of a very few games I fell in love with and platinumed! No it is not perfect at all and definitely could have used at least six more months in the oven. Way too many bugs upon release. But with such a small team of developers that was a great game. The last big games they made were syphon filter on Playstation 1 &2, some PSP games and uncharted PSP games. The game is at least an 8 out of 10 and they have many patches it is so much better. Not to mention you can play it on the PS4 for free if you're a PS plus member you don't even have to buy the game and it's 60 FPS!!! If you love Red Dead redemption 2 or The last of Us you will love Days Gone! Try it out and let me know what you think. If you don't like it that's fine too.

  4. I wished there are more FMV adventure games. I don't mind wonky gameplay, but if an adventure game looks like Phantasmagoria 2, I'd buy it, but there's 1 catch, the game needs good puzzles. Something most FMV games were missing back in the day, because they focused more on the technology (I guess, can't understand it any other way, Phantasmagoria 2 had what, 2 actual puzzles?).

  5. I heard these gaming patents are almost none enforceable, because you have to 1:1 copy their system (like stealing their source code), in order for it to be sue able.

  6. They remaster it to sell a double bundle for ps5. I'm sure of it. Same why Bamco gave 10 cents to Qloc to remaster Dark Souls 1 in two hours. To sell it as a triple bundle for ps4 with DS2 scholar+DS3 to make more money. They don't care about the quality.

  7. I couldn't get into that Outriders game. I played the demo. The tutorial was extremely long and treated me like a moron. It's just a third person shooter, who needs a tutorial on that besides maybe some button prompt texts? Will such a game be the first game ever played by anyone?

    So anyway, I'm not a big fan of third person shooters in the first place, but I felt like an idiot, playing this game.

  8. love how it's playerbase turn side against Kojima for the rumors it being an Xbox title, a day later it was confirmed to be a PS exclusive.. and it's PS userbase were always hypocrites

  9. They should remake TLOU 2 but change the whole plot about revenge. Have it focused on Ellie, the cure, fireflies, Joel.

    Hell, keep Abby and actually give her some depth.

    Or a prequel during the Joel and Tommy days after Sarah.

  10. That Ghosts-game… 10PM?… – First of all, it should be after 00:00.
    What's more, the game should detect whether or not your have your doors unlocked and heating on.
    Cause you're a bitch if you don't play horror-games at like 2AM in a cool room with the doors unlocked or open while completely naked!

  11. if only the xbox app / gamepass on pc didnt cause weird gpu crashes with its weird drm ghost hdds mounting and dismounting even when the app isnt open

  12. I'd happily replay Days Gone while dropping a big fat growler on an Uncharted rehash and overhyped The Last of Us remake…

  13. On the days gone 2 I’m a little happy about that if it happens because I actually enjoyed the first one but I wasn’t sure it was even going to be made or not because one of the creators told fans that if they wanted a sequel they should of paid full price which I did and on tlou remake I see them ruining it to please tlou2 fans it honestly doesn’t need a sequel and knowing the guy in charge he is determined to ruin it with woke nonsense I will not be buying it I’m waiting for a review and when it bombs in sales because of how they treated Joel and the fans I will sit back and say serves you right

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