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  1. Only reason the xbox one x is so slow, are the HDD 1Tb mobile seagate 5400 rpm 140 MB/s. clone your drive to ssd, and put it in, so you get faster loading speed and no spinning sound from hdd

  2. This game looks sick on all systems. The optimization on Capcom's part is out of this world. The series x with ray tracing holding 60fps at least slightly over 90% of the time is badass and even the one X looks excellent. The series S should have had a 1080p RT mode and a 1440p RT mode combined into a Quality and Performance mode settings, using the same downscale to 1080p assets from the one X. I feel like developers don't give that little powerhouse enough credit. The older Xbox one probably should have been capped at 30fps. It looks good but there is for sure some frame stuttering.

  3. Dont get me wrong but i really love the xbox one x the best because it looks super sharp and it has such a blue teint and i prevere that allways in my tv settings compared to warm red tones.

  4. OG Xbox One looks the best IMO, most peoples eyes are not 100% perfect so its more realistic in a first person shooter to have slightly blurry vision

  5. resident evil 8 is absolutely disappointing on the Xbox one X graphically as well as technically! this console can do a lot more (Hitman 3, for example) so it is clearly a downgrade to the next-gen consoles (which also by no means explore their standards)

  6. I played this on a og xbox and i am shocked on how well this game performed. it was 60fps at most times and the worst it would drop to is 45. good job with the optimisation capcom! and another thing. it looks amazing. i was blown away

    Update: It killed my Xbox 😂

  7. I was wondering if anybody could help me on where I could find the standard Xbox One (NOT X OR SS) just the regular xbox one version of the game? All I have seen it shows the series X but I wanna get the game thats for the regular Xbox One.

  8. I just got the game but it does not work on my Xbox one, then I looked at the front box of the game and it said series x. It also says Xbox one. I pop the disc in and it does not read the disc. Maybe the game only works for the series x and that sucks I don’t have series x. Great I just blew $50

  9. Se ve genial aun en consolas de anterior generación. Una cosa que me ha llamado la atención es que para Series S la resolución fija sea 1440p con opción de activar el RT (yendo a 40-45fps) o dejarlo desactivado y que vaya a 60fps estables y está muy bien.. pero.. por qué no un modo 1080p+RT activado? 🤔

  10. Graphics are so insane these days I can't even really tell much difference. Hell I remember when the 360 came out playing GOW and was like damn these graphics can't get any better.

  11. There's no reason this game wouldn't be great on Xbox one and I'm glad it runs so well. I played the remakes this week and began 7 yesterday and lemme tell you something: the only thing holding 7's visuals is the artistic vision from the team. Because it looks pretty rough compared to the sequencing entries.

    This should be no surprise, given the fact this project was just a plaything for Capcom and, according to he leaks, it was already playable on last gen before they thought of doing current gen. Capcom is on a roll, my god. After almost two decades of doing bad bad bad things with their ips, Capcom does not seems like it could do wrong to their fans. I'm glad dead rising 4 and that DMC killed every hope of Western developers working with Capcom anymore. God, this is a good friggin company.

  12. So my question is,are companies still releasing next gen titles for a shitty 2013 hardware to cater to gamers who may or may not be masochist,or are they just looking for extra bucks. Like they do realize that they are holding back a lot of the game's potential both in terms of creativity and gameplay especially for those who normally buy new pcs and consoles to get the best experience.

  13. Idk if was just me but i played it on the xbox one

    Not the other next gen ones and such and oh the textures looked awful. But ig thats what I get.

    If the issue was just me i understand i got my xbox in 2016

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