Aquí está nuestra revisión de PVZ Battle for Neighborville en Nintendo Switch: estoy muy emocionado de finalmente tener el motor Frostbite 3 en Switch, por lo que este es realmente un GRAN momento para la plataforma. ¿Es suelo fértil? ¡Vamos a averiguar! #PVZ #NintendoSwitch #Review Si ha sido un partidario nuestro desde hace mucho tiempo, debe apoyarnos en Patreon – Enlace a nuestro Discord aquí: – Happy Gaming Mark & ​​Glen SwitchUp Número de suscriptores: 166,950.

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  1. First 2 games were the very best. I lean more on the original i guess that makes me a purist lol. But yeah, this game is aight…

  2. There are Ts in the word battle not ba le… 😂..try our accent lol the American one on a video and c if we catch it lolol I noticed anything with a T u don't pronounce it proper rof lolol must be a English thing ..port not pour detail not de ail.. lolololol the king's English..ur right we don't speak English we speak American…but at the same time alot of other ppl from other countries don't pronounce hard syllables or have a hard time..

  3. Just picked up my copy and so far I'm loving it. It's my first time ever playing a game and I love my choice. But it's hard to maneuver using little joy sticks that feel so foreign to my fingers. Wish there was an exercise to improve maneuvering through all kinds of terrain while aiming and shooting targets with precision. It's going to be a long while before I can get good.

  4. Bought myself a Switch and came across your reviews when looking at what to by, you guys do some great coverage, especially when talking about performance. Subbed!

  5. Is this worth it? I miss playing PvZ, loved GW 1&2. Never played this one when it came out but was thinking of getting it on switch. Are people playing? Is it as good as the others?

  6. I’ve been having problems with this game, I don’t know how to sprint and I find campaign quite confusing (because I kinda skipped all the dialogue and just hoped there was a command somewhere telling me what to do after the dialogue ended)

  7. Clearly the Nintendo switch version is better then the PlayStation version
    Number 1 : there is no way you can spend real money

    Number 2 you can choose witch prize map you want

    Number 3 the tron 3000 is much cheaper

    Number 4 no ea kind

    Number 5 it’s Nintendo so they can’t mess it up

  8. Looks really well made but first person shooters arent for me. I hope the original games get ported/remastered, but regardless, I still have the DS version 😊

  9. Damn i was hoping this would be like the pvz i remember playing way back when on ipad2. This just doesnt look fun to me. I just dont like the genre. Anyway. Good video. Cheers

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