Parece que estos rumores de #NintendoSwitchPro son ciertos, estamos obteniendo un juego de alienígenas al estilo de Gears of War (#AliensFireteam) y #MarvelsAvengers parece decidido a seguir a Anthem hasta la tumba temprana. – Gracias a Squarespace por patrocinar el video. Si desea configurar su propio sitio web (y obtener un descuento en el proceso), haga clic en este enlace para obtener más información: – ¡Página de Facebook de Skill Up Gaming! Twitter: (@skillupyt) Instagram: Únase a nosotros en la Comunidad Discord: – Editado por Austin @ausomehd – Fuentes: Xbox Bethesda: Controlador Xbox: Epic: Take Two: Lootboxes: Sinking City: Switch Pro: PSVR Reveal: Showcase: Controller: Vengadores :.

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  1. You must of missed the round table where phil pretty clearly said it was about bringing exclusive games to platforms with game pass on it, not sure why you used a statement from last year when we had a hr long presentation after the deal officially closed but hey there your corn flakes eat em how you want

  2. OLED: "brighter colors and sharper contrast" lol. Try more accurate colors and darker (perfect) blacks, therefore infinite contrast.

  3. "…but if you die somewhere really out of the way, or really dangerous; its very hard to get your gear back…"

    Terraria Players: (—______—)

  4. Plot twist…. The triple A gaming industry has kidnapped the real Skillup and keeping him captive while they cloned him and has given us this rather bias and weird like Shillup. Triple A gaming has served us with a ransom to pay for as much dlc,season passes and loot boxes so if you all want the real Skillup back then your going to have to pre order all games with season passes while not knowing what you are paying for…..

  5. As a pc user with only moderate funds i want stadia to work. As a gamer who wants decent experience i want stadia to succeed. As a computer science student i know it wont, not to the extend i want it to.

  6. Dude, the Body Recovery Squad is back!! There was a similar group for DayZ Mod/Standalone where they'd either help get your stuff, fix your broken leg etc. So cool

  7. If he hadn't said anything about Ratchet and Clank, I wouldn't have known. There's nothing about it on the PSN storefront. I had to search up the game in order to find it.

  8. I’m actually disgusted with Square Enix. They continually send Avengers down the toilet by their greedy tactics, make it even harder for players to complete any endgame content, add in stuff to the game that just SCREAMS corporate assholeism and expect more people to buy the game anyway.

    Plus it’s disgraceful that they think they can justify not doing anything with the Tomb Raider licence for the past three years with some crap looking mobile game.

  9. I'm a PS+ sub and Maquette isn't in the lineup. (At least none that I can see) There is FFVII-Remake, Remanant and Farpoint. Maquette isn't there, I know it's on the website but its not IN PS+ while using the Playstation. Am I blind or uninformed is some way? Please let me know.

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