Nintendo 64 VS N64 Classic Edition – ¡Por qué no tengo sed de una mini consola! CameronAllOneWord


Después de las ediciones clásicas de NES y SNES, todo el mundo desea que la N64 reciba el mismo tratamiento, pero como la piratería y la modificación no harán que agregar juegos como No Mercy y Goldeneye sea tan fácil, ¡no buscaré uno pronto! ¡Por qué todo el mundo vende sus colecciones de videojuegos retro! ¡Destruyendo mi tarjeta de juego Persona Q 3DS porque Atlus USA me dijo que las camisetas y tazas están disponibles aquí! Instagram @cameronalloneword Si quieres convertirte en un mecenas para que podamos recopilar más, ¡puedes estar al final de la lista! Skateboarding Channel Diseño del canal de Ethan Riley Intro y End Slate Music de David Seibert ¡Únase al chat de FUgameCrue Discord! # n64 # nintendo64 #nintendoswitch.

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  1. Dude, these are all great points; I totally agree. I've always said there's two consoles you definitely want real hardware for because emulation is really wonky: Atari Jaguar and N64. That point about the complex emulation for each specific game is for real.

  2. I have to point out that the emulator for 64 games has probably already been solved because of Super Mario 3D all stars, which could open up possibilities. (Especially considering they didn’t convert Mario 64 into widescreen, so I think it was so that other games could also work as intended using the same emulator) The biggest issue now then is definitely the price, because the 64 mini NEEDS to come with 2 controllers like the SNES mini considering the 64’s library. However, the price problem would still exist, and I doubt that Nintendo would make it over 100 dollars.

  3. hey Cameron i found out that atlus during the 3ds era was really broken like bankrupt levels of broken, during 2014, sega bought atlus, but at the time atlus make a deal with Nintendo so they could release smt IV, and for what I know they had to make other exclusive games for Nintendo. I hope you read this because maybe you can search this matter better than I and make a new video, because I love them

  4. The only reason I think people want an N64 mini and why I want one
    A: the purpose in my option for these plug and play type consoles is to have a cheaper alternative to reintroduce these games for a new generation or younger gamers who are interested in gaming history and to try out the classics
    B; 8 bit games and 16 bit games are losing their Novelty ,as it’s extremely easy now to find a legal way to play 8 bit 16 bit games plus, nostalgia for those era is more stronger then 8 bit 16 bit, do 20 year rule of nostalgia
    C: Nintendo is giving us no legal way to play these games currently,and prices for used the games and console are some what expensive to do high demand low supply making it hard for someone to relive this era, or me who never experienced the n64 growing up and what to see what all the fuss is about

    Not mention I feel unlike the nes classic snes classic, I don’t think people will get bored with them. Because I feel in this modern era of gaming video games made from 1995 and onward hold up a lot better today

  5. The only classic console I'd consider getting would be a Dreamcast Classic as I've always wanted a Dreamcast but they're expansive af in NZ. Honestly though to me the appeal of playing retro games on official hardware is to get the authentic experience on a CRT TV as if you're hopping in a time machine and going back to when the system was still new, if I want to retro games in HD with save states I'll use an emulator as that's even more convenient than a classic console

  6. n64 emulation if it is going to done by Nintendo won't be anywhere near as bad as our emulation solutions.
    you gotta remember these guys have the official documentation and can legally use it and from what we've seen on the Wii virtual console and Mario 3d All stars it's clear that they CAN emulate it.

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