3D en 3DS es realmente bueno


Algunos de nosotros usamos el 3D en el 3DS todo el tiempo. Pero solo unos pocos. Nuestros números están disminuyendo. Oh no. Tenemos que sobrevivir. Canal de Twitch: Apoyame en Patreon: Sígueme en Twitter: Contáctame: lowart.contact@gmail.com Música de fondo: – ¡Saludos! de Rhythm daftar slot gacor Heaven Fever – Nocturne en Do sostenido menor de Chopin – Drachenflieger de Pilotwings Resort – Tema del castillo de Peach de Mario y Luigi: Dream Team.

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  1. I literally just got a "new" 3ds after all this time. It was used both lcd screens crack so fixed it up. Literally all this time I've just been using the Citra emulator, but it brought back a sense of nostalgia and joy playing on a hand held console instead of my phone, pc, or even the switch

  2. I have a vita too. It's precious for me but 3ds with 3d on has better graphics than Ps Vita.
    It's like a little theater.
    I don't like the lack of FPS of their catalog.
    Both devices hadn't enough games that made use of their great potential.
    Their homebrew scene are amazing. Specially Ps Vita.

  3. The 3D its great on most games, but in some it just stinks.

    Xenoblade and Hyrule Warriors are two examples of a bad 3D effect, because it just puts the whole scene at the bottom, instead of creating layers like Ocarina or… most games actually!

  4. The 3D effect wasn’t the only underrated and underutilized thing the 3ds was king for. AR and Street Pass! The 3ds had amazing use of AR and still the best I’ve seen AR used! If you had the AR cards at the ready you’d have a few games to play on your table, like shooting targets, in which one portion of the target shooting, you table literally opens up to reveal a small room where you have to look around and find the target. That is still mind blowing to this day. Also they had an AR Fatal Frame game that was awesome fun! It was called Spirit Camera, and had an AR book where cutscenes played on some pages and other had hands and faces pop out of them! And as for street pass, it was awesome gather Miis of people you’d run into and playing games with them as well! It was fun know that just by running into other 3ds user was helping you in certain games. And those Street Pass games were so addictive and fun! The music was really good in those games too! Seriously, 3ds is an absolute king when it comes to technology! Just not beefy specs that people unoriginally clamor for these days.

  5. I recently picked up a new 3DS and I’m also really enjoying the 3D. I’m still amazed how well it works without glasses or anything. Even if I’m moving my 3DS to keep on beat in rhythm heaven it still works.

  6. I personally loved the 3DS from the start and never had that much issue with the 3D effect, even the first version. I always crank it up to the max (except for those games with no support).

  7. Thankfully the 3D effects are still being supported through VR technology only accessible on PC (and maybe those standalone Oculus headsets) for now. Through emulation you're able to run all those older titles even dating back to the earliest 3D games and play them in stereoscopic 3D on huge virtual screens.

    The only major downside is the overall accessibility: the price range of those VR headsets, the requirement of a decent PC and the amount of tinkering in order to make the 3D work can be overwhelming for casual players or those who aren't used to gaming on the PCs. Still, it's an option for those who really wanna get more out of the 3D capabilities that is no longer supported in the mainstream industry for the time being.


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