PS4 Pro Insurgent Sandstorm


En PS4 Pro, este juego se siente como un pubg a 30 fps. prefiero jugarlo en ps5 con 60 fps.

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  1. Really hate that sort of gameplay where everyone just does their own thing, don't use mics, just runs around by themselves or camps in a random corner like cod🤮, it just makes for these very boring 1v1 engagements that requires no team work, "let's just wander around the map by ourselves hoping that a person won't be camping in a corner" lol boring as hell, me and my guys always use mortar and explosives, gas, push as a team with an observer and it makes for some really fun gameplay, unlike this wannabe tarkov player😂

  2. Hey, all shooters which i play on my ps4 pro have 50-60fps like Modern warfare, Apex or R6 Siege, but Insurgency have 30fps. Isn't it to little? I know that this game is not that dynamic like Apex or Call of Duty, but I'm afraid that it will be not so comfortable to play🤔🤔


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