¿Qué Nintendo Switch deberías comprar en 2021? (Cambiar OLED, Switch, Switch Lite)


¿Qué Nintendo Switch deberías comprar en 2021? (Switch OLED, Switch, Switch Lite) Con 3 modelos de Nintendo Switch para elegir, puede ser difícil como nuevo comprador de Nintendo Switch averiguar qué Nintendo Switch comprar. Con suerte, este video puede ayudarlo a encontrar el video adecuado para 2021. ¡¡Conviértete en miembro de DISCORD !! Twitter- Instagram- Facebook- COSAS QUE UTILIZO TODOS LOS DÍAS 🛍 (Enlaces de afiliados) 🛍 Estos ayudan al canal, así que si los usas, ¡muchas gracias! ¡Mi CABINA ARCADE! Tarjeta SD 400gb. Skull & Co. Grip Case Bundle (Lite) Satisfye Grip Package Switch lite Switch.

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  1. I’m not even half way through this video and I have to say thank you! I’m “expired” when it comes to Nintendo and my 7year old wants a switch I’ve watched so many videos and YOU SIR! Are the only one that has emphasized the lite is not a good option if you want it on your TV as well that ruled it out for him instantly; now to figure out if we want regular or OLED …. I’ll keep watching 😍

  2. I'm getting the switch lite for Christmas but the thing is my brother is getting the normal switch so I dont realy see the point in me getting one too and i would mostly play in hand held mode anyway so I dont realy have much of an issue

  3. I have the lite and convinced myself that I needed the bigger OLED. I coughed up a minor premium ($420) and bought the OLED. While I do enjoy the premium screen, overall, it's a big girl. I missed the more portable lite. The problem is that switching between the two is a pain because the Lite (no longer my primary) has to connect to the internet to verify/download files for the games that I own. I haven't had the OLED for that long but it has happened a couple of times. What I need is a LITE OLED w/ a bigger screen.

  4. You have a wide range of viewers from all over the world. When you're talking about weights and high measures, I suggest you also showing the metric system in the future for the rest of us.

  5. I don’t have a switch, and I want one. I’m honestly not a fan of LCD displays so I might just wait until the OLED model comes out. I loved playing Pokémon on the go on 3DS so the handheld mode is very important to me and a better screen would allow for the best possible handheld experience. Great video! It was very helpful.

  6. Just snagged the Red/Blue V2 Switch today from GameStop. Was debating on going after the OLED version, but didn’t want to deal with the flippers/scalpers, and just not that big of differences between V2 & OLED.

    I will be happy with my normal Switch until they decide to drop the “Pro 4K” model haha. Both my girlfriend and daughter have Lite consoles, so wanted to have something to join them on gaming, traded my Xbox One X in for it haha.


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