Quería llamarlo proxeneta mi interruptor, pero la palabra no significa lo que pensé que haría. Twitter: Peter tiene un segundo canal: apoya el canal con algún Merchandise Discord Server (si no funciona, mira la descripción de mi último video) Haz clic aquí para ver al gran artista musical de mi canal, DJ BASS FOX 28.

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  1. him :doing all the work
    me: i would by those regular pockets thing u stick them on them bam done instead hours of making an acull big change

    but my oponion is that peter is able good enough to do better repairs than i can i barley even do repairs though

    my spelling sucks cause i was typing fast and i didnt wanted to rego through of that and fix it up 🙂

  2. man you can use a controller on pc through usb or blue tooth lol i play my pc with a controller stop using that as a excuse too not play on pc also i have my pc right now on my 43 inch tv lol . i play my single player games on my 43 inch 4k tv and i use my ps4 controller and or xbox controller for my single player games .

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