Médico de urgencias responde a mutilaciones mortales en videojuegos | Los expertos reaccionan


¿Alguna vez te has preguntado si el tamaño de Lady Dumitrescus afecta tu salud? Si le muerden la oreja, ¿se puede salvar? ¿O qué pasa si una venta a chatarra es simplemente fatal? Dr. Jordan está de regreso para otro video espantoso pero educativo que responde a las mejores muertes y mutilaciones en los videojuegos. ¿Cuál fue tu lesión / secuencia favorita en el video sin sonar absolutamente fuera de lugar? ¡Háganos saber en los comentarios a continuación! ——————– Echa un vistazo al Dr. Jordan Wagner en YouTube Y síguelo en Instagram. Dr. Jordan Wagner: Su Instagram: ——————– 00:00 – Introducción 00:34 – Resident Evil Village 04:02 – Quake 4 05: 52 – Más que 2 06:47 – Metal Gear Solid V 10:32 – Spec Ops The Line 11:39 – Outro —————- — – ¡Mira algunos de nuestros videos anteriores! Médico paramédico RESPUESTAS A LAS HERIDAS DE LOS VIDEOJUEGOS | Expertos reaccionan Lista de reproducción de expertos: ——————- Gracias a Capcom, Activision, Red Barrels, Konami y 2K Games por el juego ——— – ———– Up In My Jam (All of A Sudden) por – Kubbi https: // soundcloud.com/kubbi Creative Commons – Attribution 3.0 Unported- CC by-SA 3.0 Descarga / transmisión gratuita: Financiado por Music Library Audio: ——————- ¡Manténgase actualizado con nosotros en las redes sociales! Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: ——————– #MetalGearSolid #ERDoctor #ExpertsReact.

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  1. oh fricking hell, why i look at the first scene and after realizing what is going on and how much it would hurt i feel it on my self and shake a little, hooooly hell, so painful

  2. the last one wasnt mustard gas… that was white phosphorous. the only way to extinguish white phosphorous fires is through total anoxic snuffing, or by letting it burn itself out of fuel. it is scary shit that melts everyone; napalm is scary, white phosphorous make napalm shudder in fear.

  3. The reason why there's so many DOs with Youtube channels is because they are the minor leaguers of medicine.

    I made that sound harsh but it's the truth.

    Most organizations do not have much room for DOs… Because Osteopathy, for better or worse, doesn't have the same "chops" tried and true Allelopathy does.

    So they supplement with Youtube.

  4. 10:38, yo my man here has never heard of Napalm, like damn, he goes directly for mustard gas, not at all similar to whats happening in the picture, yo dude, whats up? are the director telling you to say this stuff? or…

  5. I remember seeing a story breakdown on that last game. It was Spec Ops: The Line and the damage to the dead bodies shown was not from mustard gas, it was from white phosphorus or Willie Pete. It's an incendiary chemical weapon that burns and burrows into human skin, and needs to be surgically cut out for proper treatment.

  6. Stabs right to the right side of their neck! Slices open and puncture their carotid arteries and get their jugular veins. She is going ot take out the trachea as well, all the structures of the neck. This guy has no chance.


  7. This guy's face looks greasier than the McDonalds fryer. Gamology dropping the ball on the makeup department, doesn't help the light's not properly diffused… Dont even get me started on the color correction, sickly orange and green.

    If I sound mad it's because I kinda am seeing how easy it is to fix all of this.

    The Doctor deserved better. If you go to this channel he looks great.


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