10 consejos para OPTIMIZAR su Xbox Series X | S


Ha pasado casi un año desde que se lanzó la Xbox Series X | S y la gente todavía está abriendo con entusiasmo sus nuevas consolas Xbox por primera vez … Así que pensamos que estamos repasando algunos de los mejores consejos para poner en marcha su Xbox Series. ¡Para optimizar X | S! #Xbox #XboxTips #XboxSeriesXS Xbox On es TU hogar para todo Xbox. Únete a Benny, Henry, Sam, Charleyy y Bex mientras te traen las últimas y mejores noticias, juegos y actualizaciones del mundo de Xbox. Si quieres vernos en vivo, ve a Twitch.tv/xboxon y síguenos para no perderte ninguna de nuestras transmisiones en vivo diarias. ¡Te esperan un juego en vivo exclusivo, transmisiones multijugador de la comunidad y muchos dispositivos basados ​​en Xbox! ¡No te pierdas ni un momento y ataca ahora! ¿Quieres más del equipo? Benny Sam Charleyy Henry Bex Música cortesía de Epidemic Sound.



  1. I wanted to get the series x but I'm basically using it for gamepass,so the Series S was the easy choice for me. It looks so tiny next to my ps5 and Switch OLED.
    Currently playing Halo Infinite campaign and its pretty good

  2. Just got a series s so this is extremely helpful thanks a lot I’m loving the experience so far I haven’t had a Xbox since the 360 so jumping back into this ecosystem is refreshing and really makes it feel more about the games and more importantly having fun playing them

  3. Because I am interesting in buying a Xbox series s/x can i log in with my PC account and still have my games or do I need to buy them again for the console also for how much does the game pass games stay for ?

  4. I have so many issues every time there's an update. Let's get started. I have an Xbox X & every time there's an update I have problems getting back on line with Xbox servers or Xbox live. When I download new content I have to download Xbox X/S & Xbox1 in order to play? I have done all the regular things like unplug the Modem, restart the Xbox X, factory reset the Xbox X, un installed then reinstalled the games & all the content. When I'm in the menu section with all the games I have Vangaurd, Warzone, Modern Warfare I usually click on MW, wait for it to Check Files then I back out & go to WZ & do the same thing. I play WZ and don't care to play Multi-player but it's all downloaded. Any suggestions, anything I can get help with? Appreciate it!

  5. I have a Sony XE9005 4K TV but i can not use "Auto low-latency mode" and "variable refresh rate. The TV doesn't have G-Sync or Freesync. Also I don't have Dolby Vision and HDMI 2.1. So, how to play in 120 Hz???

  6. If swedish sites allow shipping to the us or wherever you live, you can find a series x/s quite easily here in stores. Sadly the PS5 has been a no-show though, so I haven't been able go get my little brother yet :/ (Refuse to pay more from scalpers)


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