La primera Xbox se lanzó en 2001 y se vendió impresionantemente bien para ser una consola nueva, aunque eclipsada por el éxito de la PS2. Sin embargo, Xbox ha obtenido una gran cantidad de fieles seguidores gracias a Halo, Xbox Live y más, lo que hace que Xbox esté perfectamente equipada para el futuro. 0:00 – Experimento extraordinario 7:12 – Ejecución emocionante 18:58 – Exclusividad expansiva ¡Únete a Discord! — ¡Sígueme @91_Tech! O no. Pero por favor Insta: Twitter: ¡Quita el condensador de tu reloj! – Identifica tu hardware – Super Mario 64 Original Xbox Port by Master Turkey – Música: .

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  1. Some of you may notice the bulging capacitor by the CPU- I was aware of this and ordered replacements, just didn’t arrive in time for the video.
    What's your favorite original Xbox title? I mean, probably Halo, but 1 or 2? And is there a different game you loved?

  2. Dreamcast had a network card upgrade avaliable. But it shipped with dial up. I also remember that Microsoft and Sony always had issues with their online service, for a couple of years. Launch of these services seemed like a beta test, and user were test subjects, waiting for Sony and MS to get finish the product. I waited to Ps3 before I played anything online on a console.

  3. I was a PlayStation2 user back then. But mostly because of three things.

    – I was a young fanboy (today I like any console).
    – Gran Turismo3 was the absolute best for me, and Forza3 was the first Xbox racing that I found interresting.
    – Dead Or Alive was only on Ps2 and Dreamcast.

  4. The original Xbox is a fantastic console. I got mine on Christmas Day 2004 and I really love it. I have many games for it as of November 2021 like MechAssault 1 and 2, Project Gotham Racing 1 and 2, WWE RAW 2, Splinter Cell trilogy, Ghost Recon, Full Spectrum Warrior, ESPN NFL 2K5, NFL Street 2, Counter-Strike, Crimson Skies: High Road to Revenge, Rainbow Six 3, Wreckless: The Yakuza Missions, Deathrow, Ninja Gaiden, Dead or Alive Ultimate, Max Payne duology, Metal Arms: Glitch in the System, and many, many more.

    The best part about the console is you can add your own custom soundtracks into selected Xbox titles with custom soundtrack support, which I did starting with WWE RAW 2 back in 2005 after getting WWE Anthology.

  5. The dreamcast was technically not the first console to have Internet as the Saturn before It used Seganet and even before that Xband for Genesis and SNES was a thing and I think the Famicom had some horse racing stock thing In Japan

  6. I love Xbox but I can't deny that sony make great single player games that's the only thing that they do better in my opinion,but now that we have acquired all these new studios im hoping that Microsoft will start putting out great single player story driven games cause that's all that's missing in my opinion, the series x/s is selling better than any Xbox has ever done in its first year about 13 million and counting probably even more than that im just glad xbo5is bk to were it belongs this generation the two systems Xbox and ps5 will be neck and neck and that's good for everyone both systems have their own special thing about them.

  7. I use my original Xbox with the same 1702 monitor. The inputs on the back are actually s-video from before the port was standardized. I have about 10 other consoles all hooked up with an s-video input switch, it's great!

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