Aquí hay una guía de instalación rápida y fácil para DesMuMe, ¡el mejor emulador de Nintendo DS para PC! #DesMuMe #NintendoDS #Emulator Obtén DesMuMe aquí: Música: 8-Bit March de Twin Musicom tiene una licencia Creative Commons Attribution (Artista: Título de la canción: Eight Bit Nombre del artista: Traffic (Oficial).

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  1. This is hard to explain, but when I move my actual mouse, my actual cursor doesn’t move the games cursor with very much precision.

    I can’t select things or make anything work, because barely moving the mouse will move the in game cursor all the way to the top of the screen, or all the way to the left or right, etc.

    How would I go about fixing this so the cursor tracks properly?


  2. I found synchronization mode to slow the music down and earrape the music of the games I was playing (Pokémon), so I used dual spu synch/asynch and it got fixed. Some game audio breaks when using synchronization.

  3. anyone else getting stuck when playing any of the pokemon games just after you press select on the starting screen. It wont let me do anything and just stays stuck on the screen where it says " Hi it's so nice to finally meet you" on the pokemon platinum game. I have tried reconfiguring my controls to different buttons, I even tried using a controller but nothing worked. If anyone knows of a solution to this then any help would be appreciated!

  4. For anyone wondering, vimm is the beast place to download roms safely. I used romsmania and it gave my phone aids. Vimms realm is reliable and safe. You're welcome

  5. I have a problem with playing Pokemon HeartGold, at some point there will be sprite glitches and then the screen turns black, any ideas how to solve this problem?

    Pokemon Platinum works fine though

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